About Wauf!

Wauf! is a community-driven pet blog and forum. Our head contributors care about and often write about pet justice, but we cover just about any topic related to dogs, cats, reptiles, parrots, and all kinds of other animal friends.

As a community we are committed to promoting pet welfare and fighting for the rights of all animals. We believe that pets are doing us a solid by allowing us to be their companions, and that all pets deserve to be treated with respect, compassion, and love. We will never tolerate animal abuse or neglect, and we will always stand up for voiceless victims of cruelty.

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Q: How do I post an image?

Just upload it to imgur.com and then put the direct url (not album url) to the imgur image at the top of your post.

Work together?

Think you have what it takes to write an article worthy of being featured on Wauf!? We welcome you to submit interesting pieces of writing as long as they relate to pets or pet keeping and they maintain a high standard.

  1. The article must be original. It will be checked in Copyscape.
  2. It must be written in English and meet our standards for quality. That means 1000+ words and there must be a reasonable logical flow so we don't have to move paragraphs around.
  3. Please don't waste anybody's time by asking to write about subjects that are too common or easy ("how to make your dog sit"). Many people have already offered to teach our readers how to make the dog sit! Focus instead on bringing the reader new angles and new data. What kind of problems are pet owners facing these days -- and what do they want to read about for entertainment?
  4. If you cite any studies or data, you must provide the links.

Examples of pet articles we love 💖

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