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50 thoughts on “Wow! Evolution btfo!”

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    >/an/ is now full of such young chudbrains they don’t even recognize basic bitch creationist arguments like irreducible complexity
    What’s next, a debate over whether or not Noah’s Ark is real? What is this freaking 2006?

  2. >A system this complicated couldn’t arise by chance! Some higher intelligence must have arranged it this way
    >What do you mean "where would the higher intelligence come from?" That’s obviously not relevant to the point and even if it was he just always existed, OK?

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    The chudbrained frog poster assumes that probability is independent, which is obviously not true. It is more than likely that if one part mutates, the neighbouring parts are likely to mutate along with it. This same fallacy is the reason Sally Clark was wrongly accused of murder.
    >muh Elementary statistical theory
    They say as if using solely `elementary’ theories, is a good thing.

  4. [picture 404]

    >NOTHINGNESS somehow EXPLODED into space, time, energy and the laws of physics
    >after this random atoms flew around for NO REASON until they randomly happened to create the extremely delicate and precise conditions life could exist in on earth, thanks to the nothing that exploded exploding into just the right subatomic conditions that could support consciousness
    >then the random atoms started to become alive because… well because they just randomly did, okay. they started to replicate by accident and made germs
    >and the germs changed into fish that randomly by pure chance particle spasms developed into extremely complex organs to capture light and represent images to a conscious brain that had a precisely balanced chemical makeup that the random spastic atoms from the big morning that created everything happened to make
    >and then these water breathing fish started to breathe oxygen because… well because of the autistic whizzing aimless atoms, and then in a gorillion years the fish were monkeys because… because they just freaking were!!!!
    >and that’s why you are here
    >and everything you see and can conceive of just happens to be there because of the unconscious totally senseless collision of atoms that the nothing created that somehow just happened to pinball until they made an accurate representation of reality inside the most complex organ in existence and this was all meaningless and random and just happened to occur
    >oh yes, and despite all this my specific political, moral and scientific beliefs about this ludicrously insane complicated world my random atom brain that exists on extremely delicate perfect conditions just happened to evolve to understand, and that the determined and causal chemicals in said brain made me believe, are undeniably true and you’re a chud if you don’t think the same

  5. Evolution after abiogenesis is common sense, but abiogensis is weird.
    I’m still not convinced that it’s happened more than once in the history of the galaxy (or universe even)

  6. [picture 404]

    An issue with evolution that I have is the Ice Age. What do you think would happen if right now the world rapidly froze over? Everything would go extinct. But during the Ice Age all these animals rapidly adapted to something as extreme as the world freezing over. I don’t even know where to begin with the cold-blooded reptiles.

    And all these animals were way bigger or way smaller except humans. God knows why scientists are hiding the fact that there used to be massive humans. Do they think it’s going to make everyone religious all of a sudden? There is nothing that you can show or say to a disbeliever that will make them believe.

    All of these things happened, but they don’t fit into the frame of Darwinian Evolution. Something else happened.

    • There are totally evolutionary reasons for giant humans, bigger brained humans, etc, but the truth (modern man is the chud of the entire family tree and killed all of them despite being inferior) would hurt. Why do you think people are hellbent on neanderthals being inferior?

    • Actually, this is a normie understanding of the "Ice Age". First definitions: An Ice Age is a time during a planet’s history when permanent ice sheets never melt, even in summer. We’re actually in an Ice Age now. What most people refer to as "the ice age" is actually the Wisconsinan Glaciation, because during ice ages ice sheets expand and contract. Now, here’s the part most people don’t know, because academia has been actively covering it up. The world right now, even in the wildest place you can imagine is in a ruined state because humans killed almost every large animal on the planet. The reason there were so many large animals adapted to cold temperatures is because you’re focusing on the boreal animals. It’s like looking at polar bears and declaring "How come all bears are adapted to tundra?" Most large animals during the last glaciation (~20kya) lived in the TROPICS, which were mostly unaffected by climate change. This is one of the reasons you know climate change couldn’t possibly have killed these animals. North America alone had 5 different species of elephant. The entire planet now has 2, 3 if you’re being generous. These species didn’t just come out of nowhere. They had existed during even the warmer interglacials of the past ice age (which has lasted about 2 1/2 million years).

      >Something else happened.
      Yeah, soientists lied to the public to misrepresent Earth’s history in order to push agendas like global warming alarmism. Your confusion is a feature as far as they’re concerned, not a bug.

  7. >Prehistoric Planet thread on /tv/
    >suddenly paleo threads of the most schizophrenic variety start getting bumped

    • The worst possible outcome of PP shills coming to /tv/ is that they’ve literally brought creationism back to the internet.

  8. Oh my freaking god is this literally irreducible complexity? chudbrains published so many freaking shit papers and shills spammed propaganda so har they brought back creationism on the internet. Sweet fuck.

  9. The amount of chudbrains Prehistoric Planet broke on /tv/ cannot be understated. Posts like the one in OP doesn’t even scratch the surface.

  10. Why doesn’t anon’s model have a time parameter?
    "Evolution isn’t real! I can prove it by constructing a statistical model that has absolutely nothing to do with evolution!"

    • They’re the only creatures on earth that are actively devolving
      Thanks to fluoride, corn syrup and race mixing they will return to a pre-human evolutionary stage in less than three generations

  11. Each N part organism made uncountable N+0 and unviable N+1 offspring until a viable N+1 appeared.
    It’s not like the 200 part life form was created in 200 generations.

  12. >evolution wrong so my hebrew fanfiction ripping off surrounding myths are now real
    >uhm actually everything written is a metaphor/allegory
    Why are ‘creationists’ so chudbrained?

  13. >nyuuuhh we’re in a computer simulation b-because look at this probability model I just made up!
    math is too good for wretched scientists

  14. >SUCCESSIVE mutations
    >assumes that every "useful" mutation is sequential and not punctuated by thousands of useless ones that either do nothing or make the organism worse, just not too bad to survive
    Why do these chudbrains think we have aging and cancer

    Your DNA is full of 50 different kinds of garbage because for those 200 good mutations they were separated by thousands of years of nothing but your genome getting measurably worse.

    • Aging and cancer are based actually, from an ecological perspective. As an individual they’re obviously not nice, but they’re intentionally evolved features of life, not merely accidents of biology.

      • >intentional
        None of evolution is intentional. It does not happen to fulfill a purpose. It has no goal. Mutations that increase the statistical likelihood of reproduction have a statistical likelihood of spreading, but that doesn’t mean useless and harmful mutations don’t spread as long as they don’t lower the reproductive rate too far below that of the competition.

        If you think some awful genetic illness brings balance to the world, it doesn’t, it just created an opportunity for some other mutants to reproduce more often and that opportunity is not always necessarily filled.

          • Not really anon. Are you going to tell me the great white has predators beyond a bored orca?
            Cancer is simply a replication error in your cells, if it doesn’t stop an animal from breeding and competing than it doesn’t effect fitness of the species.
            Its why rats and rabbits in captivity explode into a ball of tumors after a while, in the wild they don’t ever die of "old age" so there isn’t and selective pressure for an immortal rat. In fact the faster the adults die after breeding the more room there is for the next generation.

            • Dying is generally a beneficial trait. It doesn’t matter how it happens. Things which don’t die have intragenerational competition, which reduces the chance of a beneficial mutation taking hold, and eventually this can lead to extinction via failure to adapt.
              So most things die, and late age cancer has no pressure against it.

    • It’s not full of "garbage". Junk DNA is a myth. Most of the so-called junk DNA are actually just switches for other more active genetic regions.

      You actually lose useless DNA really quickly.

  15. Why is everyone arguing about the chance as though it’s even right? What the OP image is forgetting is that this probability has one chance to happen for every organism in existence over a large timescale. Just for analogy, a coin landing on its edge is ridiculously unlikely but the chance of at least one coin landing on its side out of billions of coinflips is decently likely and practically a certainty if you let that number keep growing.

  16. That’s actually more likely than any given combination of player card order when you shuffle a deck, which is 8.0658175e+67.

    This doesn’t make the fact that you shuffled a deck not occur.

  17. yes i was in that /tv/ thread too. that chudbrain was copy/pasting shit from some schizo’s website and had no idea how flawed and contrived it actually was.
    go cry about your dinosaurs somewhere else

  18. Calculating the odds of something happening after it already happened doesn’t disprove the thing having happened. (You) might as well throw away a winning lottery ticket because it’s statistically improbable that you’ve won.

    >Tips fedora


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