What precautions are required to safely raise cassowaries?

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What precautions are required to safely raise cassowaries?

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48 thoughts on “What precautions are required to safely raise cassowaries?”

  1. I dont get the hype around these birds, like yeah they could kill you easily, but so can any other big enough animal

  2. [picture 404]

    >local zoo has one
    >its kept in the farthest back corner of the zoo in a nondescript area with regular chainlink fence you can walk right up to

    • >doing the single most un-australian thing imaginable (standing up to birds)
      >garden gnomes WILL fear you, outdoors and indoors
      >getting to wear snazzy armor with a prominent codpiece
      sounds based, amigo

  3. [picture 404]

    first thought was "don’t"
    but on second thought do you guys think chainmail could work?
    surely chainmail could stop their claws

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    • it’s not tamed, it’s mutilated.
      either all of its claws are gone, or its whole toes have been removed. it knows it can’t do anything to defend itself and displays extreme fear. if its toes are gone, it’s probably in pretty terrible pain, too.

      idk if that guy did it to it or not, but i surely hope australia has laws to check in on this situation.

      • That was nine years ago at a commercial facility which works with zoos. Nothing illegal happened and the birds were not mutilated. They simply aren’t vicious killers when you have a good relationship with them.

  5. It’s impossible with modern technology available to civilians. They can literally kick at super sonic speeds. The ones you see in zoos are raised from birth and even then require absolute minimum interaction to humans. Besides that there is no real commercial value to them so not worth the risk to human life.


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