70 ways to show your dog you love them

Happy dogs are easy to spot! Whether it’s eagerly wagging their tail or jumping up and down, a dog’s happiness becomes obvious right away.

This is why it’s important to value spending time with your dog and understanding their needs.

Here are 70 easy ways to show affection to your dog and fill their life with even more happiness.

  1. Give your dog a hug when you see them.
  2. Brush your dog’s fur using a good dog brush.
  3. Buy a new dog toy.
  4. Let them snuggle beside you while watching TV or using the computer.
  5. Make a special doggy treat that will make them drool in excitement!
  6. Take your dog out for a long walk or hike.
  7. Let them sleep beside you.
  8. Play a game of fetch or hide and seek at home.
  9. Give your dog a soothing massage at home.
  10. Train your dog and teach them a brand-new trick.
  11. Go out for a long drive and enjoy different parts of the city.
  12. Race around the house with your dog on your hands and knees.
  13. Give your dog a gentle scratch under the chin.
  14. Sit down and give them a proper belly rub.
  15. Spend time at a dog-friendly restaurant and let them eat to their heart’s content!
  16. Set up a social date with other dogs around the area.
  17. Head out to the park for a simple stroll through the outdoors.
  18. Start working on new recipes at home to give your dog something unique for dinner.
  19. Head out to the local pool, beach, or lake for a memorable swim.
  20. Enjoy spending time together at a local pet store and buy them whatever they like.
  21. Crank up the music and dance with your adorable dog.
  22. Give their ears a rub from time to time.
  23. Take the opportunity to sing a heart-warming song and get them involved as you dance around humming their name.
  24. Set up a small scavenger hunt at home with your dog’s favorite treats
  25. Invest in a dog harness and take your dog for a bike ride through town.
  26. Grab an ice cream cone on a hot summer’s day and enjoy the sugary sweetness together.
  27. Play a game of Frisbee with your dog.
  28. Set up a photo shoot and take unforgettable photos together.
  29. Health and happiness -- a win-win!

    Get your dog a chewable bone and let them work away at the treat. This is a wonderful way to improve their dental health while getting them excited at the same time. It’s a win-win!

  30. Take them outside and look at the different wildlife in your yard or neighborhood.
  31. Create a small dog park in your backyard and let them have fun playing with the different accessories.
  32. Invest in a puzzle toy and watch as their brain excitedly starts playing with it.
  33. Place used clothes and/or blankets close to your dog’s bed when they’re about to sleep. The scent is a great way to soothe them.
  34. Pamper your dog with a luxurious bath at home with some of the finest bath products for pets.
  35. Take the time to run outdoors instead of going for a more conventional walk.
  36. Spend an hour or so taking a nap with them during the day.
  37. Sign up for fun obedience classes to train your dog with the help of professionals.
  38. Watch a pet-related movie together that has other animals in it such as dogs, cats, or other pets.
  39. Find the nearest campgrounds and spend a few days inside a tent.
  40. Visit a local state park and enjoy the natural wilderness.
  41. Water fountains for dogs come in all kinds of types and for all kinds of budgets.

    Invest in a unique water fountain for dogs as a way to entertain them.

  42. Buy a rope toy and get your dog interested in pulling at it.
  43. Set up a brand-new doghouse for your beloved pet and pamper them with lavish amenities.
  44. Spend money on new tennis balls and play different games to keep them active.
  45. Place a treat in one of your hands, close both hands, and then let your dog choose which one has the treat. It can be a wonderful way to test their IQ while also keeping them entertained.
  46. Set up a personal fort at home to enjoy with your dog.
  47. Give them positive affirmations (i.e. Good boy!) throughout the day.
  48. Spend a bit of money on a brand-new dog jacket to keep them warm during colder days.
  49. Take time out of your day to sit down and talk to your dog. The sound of your voice will help them relax.
  50. Go out and play in the snow during those cold, wintry days.
  51. Create a hot pad at home and let them rest on it. This can have a calming effect.
  52. Don’t be afraid to let them guide you when walking around the neighbourhood or at a local park.
  53. Invest in a trampoline and have a great time jumping on it together.
  54. Let them enjoy the view outside by cracking open the window.
  55. Hold your dog like a child and shower them with affection!
  56. Set up a sprinkler system and let it run while your dog is outside.
  57. Show excitement after a long day’s work because they will feed off of your energy levels.
  58. Clean their teeth and give them a warm bath.
  59. Set up a dog-friendly garden with loose pack gravel.
  60. Let them chase bubbles outdoors.
  61. Let your dog grab the newspaper or mail and reward them with a treat.
  62. Use the “Face Swap” app and see how they feel about it.
  63. Work out together and see whether or not they can recreate some of your challenging yoga poses.
  64. Have a spa day together at a dog-friendly location.
  65. Give your dog simple, easy to complete tasks around the house for yummy rewards.
  66. Buy your dog a brand-new leash and collar.
  67. Let them follow you around the house without saying anything.
  68. Allow your dog to wake you up in the morning without scolding them.
  69. Take them to an “off leash” dog park.
  70. Take your dog on a fun-filled boat ride.
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