USPS is Promoting "Dog Bite Awareness Week"

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>Promote Dog Bite Awareness Week
>Put a pit on your flyer

What did the postal service mean by this

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42 thoughts on “USPS is Promoting "Dog Bite Awareness Week"”

  1. Delivered for amazon for 6 months, ironically the only aggressive dog that ever attacked was a golden retriever.
    Encountered a lot of large breeds, huskies, st bernards, german/king shepherds, they were all very well behaved and sociable. Glad I never ran into any shitbulls, probably because I delivered in a rural white area with not a lot of chuds.

    • Golden retrievers are aggressive as fuck because breeding the pet and show lines for ultimate docility gave them some weird schizophrenia aggression and then owners compound that by not socializing or training their dog because “golden perfect doggo”. Goldens will snarl and snap at my dog, look at me, smile, wag, and them resume trying to kill my dog. Then they go away, come back, and hate me and love my dog. The breed is bonked. Lots of cancer and epilepsy in them too.

      • Goldens are almost never aggressively violent, sometimes they’re neurotic and mental because of puppy mill breeding issues and being the "default" dog means a lot of people that shouldn’t have dogs get one and then abuse or neglect it, but if they bite it’s almost always a fear response to something because they think you’re going to try to hurt them or steal something, even if it’s just a bit of stick or something they decide to get defensive over and you didn’t want it anyway.
        Which is still a really bad thing for a dog to do and they absolutely need to be trained out of it, but it does means they almost never try to actually kill, they might snap and draw blood and if you get unlucky you might need stitches, but then they run off to cower in a corner or something instead of digging in and shaking.

  2. Because you always watch your ass around pitbulls, man. Every other breed you can approach and they generally won’t try and get you. Not pitbulls though.

    They’ll even pretend to be calm and friendly until you get within bite range, then they’ll go nuts.

      • Top 2 are both pitbulls

        The "american pitbull terrier" is a landrace mutt. It refers to any dog that is similar to the top 2.

        I hope you don’t mean the incompetent government should.

        The government already tries, but whiny dogchuds do their best to foil their efforts. I’d say nay on "another dog" though. Marauding stray dogs are a legitimate menace and if your dog isn’t aggressive towards them, they’ll die and then you’ll get mauled. The only thing that makes this a problem is dog parks, which are unnatural. Dogs are pack animals, not gregarious ones.

  3. why are there roaming dogs near a mailbox in the first place? if you have them roaming on your fenced lawn then shouldn’t the mailbox be out towards the street?


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