10 things only cat owners understand

I love my kitty, but sometimes she does things that drive me crazy! If you’re a cat owner, I’m sure you know what I mean. Here are 10 things only us cat owners can truly understand:

1. When you bring out the car carrier to take your kitty to the vet, she will extend her claws and draw blood before you can finally succeed in getting her in there.

2. This is nothing compared to the unearthly yowling you must endure all the way to the veterinarian’s office.

3.  When you bring out the vacuum cleaner, she will completely disappear. You will never be able to find her, and when she suddenly reappears, you will have no clue where she has been hiding.

4.  Compare this to when you are trying to call a friend on the phone or, even better, make a Skype-business call. Then she won’t leave your phone alone.

5.  Do not even consider having a plant in your home if you have a cat. That plant is obviously meant to be eaten, and that dirt is clearly intended as a place to poop.

6.  Try making a bed with a cat around. The chances are that he will think it is all a game, and make a dive for under the covers, refusing to move.

7.  Even better, try sleeping in that bed. Somewhere around 3:30 am, your cat will decide this is the perfect time to run from one end of your living space to the other, as loudly as possible. Or, for extra effect, your two cats will start scratching on your bedroom door and crying in the dark of night.

8.  You create a special shelf by the window so that your cat can sit and sleep there, but no; he’d rather snooze on your computer keyboard.

9.  You even buy a whole container of your cat’s favorite food, but of course now he can’t possibly eat that flavor of food anymore.

10.  Do you have a printer in your home? Your cat will appoint himself as guardian of your printer, and once in a while he’ll grab that paper from the out tray and destroy it.

And yet in spite of, or maybe because of, these strange behaviors, our cats are adorable and we can’t get enough of them!

  1. 8 years ago
    Sarah H.

    We have 2 cats. They do most of these! One is right now laying beside the keyboard laying her head on my hand on the mouse. Love this time.

  2. 9 years ago
    Tricia B.

    I would trade scratches for what my cat gives me when I try to put him in the carrier. I have learned to have a super thick beach towel ready to wrap under him as quickly as possible so that the floor (or anything else) doesn't get wet.

  3. 9 years ago
    Nikki D.

    Whilst these have not all been problems with our cats over the many years we have shared our lives with them, still a nice article.
    I must add to this list - dirty and snot-spattered Windows, where they chase flies and watch the birds etc go by.

  4. 9 years ago
    Carole R.

    Oh yea ...... cats bring a special joy to your life. :0)
    I must say, I have no trouble with #7. My cats actually let me control the going to sleep and waking up times. Only one sleeps with me. She settles down when I do and doesn't get up until I stir. If I just turn over I feel her waiting to see if I'm up and, when I'm not, she snuggles up again and goes back to sleep. The other two cats sleep with my son and they pretty much do the same. I am very lucky.

  5. 9 years ago
    Terri S.

    You forgot to mention trying to get them out of the carrier once you get to the vet. Great article!!

  6. 9 years ago
    Nelson P.

    I am a cat lover and most of what you've said is true. They are most adorable creatures and I just don't understand how many people don't love cats.

  7. 9 years ago
    Karen R.

    One of my cat's can be sound asleep until I get the pasta container out. Suddenly he's in the kitchen waiting for the one piece that inevitably falls to the floor. It's the patted around until he tires of the game. I generally find it by treading on it! I love my fur babies!

  8. 9 years ago
    Toni W.

    Great article here - we have always been owned by cats over 40 + years of marriage - our current boy is 9 years old and certainly rules the roost and does all of the above. Had one beautiful girl for 21 years and three more in between - they have all done such funny things as in this article. Thanks for reminding me why I love my cat and doggies soooo much! They are all incredible.

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