Yes, cats do purr even when you're not around, study shows

When a cat purrs as it snuggles up against you, it’s totally one of the greatest feelings in the world. But have you ever wondered if cats do the same thing when you’re not around? Do they purr on their own?

According to, purring isn’t relegated to just when Mr. Whiskers deems you worthy of his affection. It’s a habit that cats form very early in their lives, as early as when they’re drinking their mother’s milk. Purring doesn’t always have to mean a cat is happy, either.

There are different purrs cats make depending on their mood and what’s going on, just like when dogs bark or whine. If a cat is looking for food or something from its mother (or human), there’s even a sort of high-pitched noise the isn’t out of place from something you’d hear from a baby.

This is different from when a cat purrs while cuddled up next to you, and even different from when cats purr next to each other or playing with toys.

Some vets have even stated that cats may purr when they’re hurting or before their death, clearly a sign that the cat is looking for help or is in some sort of distress. So obviously purrs are not just relegated to letting humans know they’re super into cuddle time or anything like that.

It’s an adorable noise with many implications, so just because your cat may purr, that doesn’t mean it’s simply a smitten kitten. Make sure you read your cat’s purrs and meows, and try and get what he or she needs if you can — your pet may be more vocal for a much different reason than initially suspected.

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