Punishment works on dogs

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In wild packs dogs will very often bear teeth, growl and make loud noises to teach each-other boundaries.
Punishing your dog is perfectly normal when done responsibly and quickly so your dog can associate the action it took with the negative outcome.

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50 thoughts on “Punishment works on dogs”

  1. I have two dogs, a big mutt and a little dachshund. When we get onto the dachshund, which happens often, the bigger dog will also get onto him afterwards by growling at him.

  2. I mean yea, the problem is the same as dealing with women and children though, people overuse the punishments and they lose their effectiveness. If you scream at your kid for EVERYTHING they eventually stop caring as much and when they are doing something actually really bad they won’t understand this is different from you just being annoyed they didn’t do their chores.

    Just like with women and children, you have to be understanding and pretty chill towards most things, but let them know very clearly when they crossed the line. Hitting is also a fairly low iq and last resort thing, a stirn look and staring DEEP into someone’s/a dog’s eyes while you loom over them silently will strike a cord in their soul. It’s a difficult thing to describe and master but it works wonders. The sudden shift in demeanor and the immense discomfort is causes is something they’ll remember.

  3. True, I tased my dogs if they do something bad. Never do it again instantly, just be afraid of me for a few days until they return to normal.

  4. >dogo argentino rips open huskies insides
    >dogo continues to maul huskie despite being told to stop and being hit with objects
    >finally lets go after getting bored with no regret while huskie has organs dangling alll over the place

    • [picture 404]

      More realistically
      >dogo argentino begins biting husky
      >husky owner pulls his glock 40 and shoots dogo
      >"Punishment works on dogs bro"
      >dogo is now screaming and writhing on the ground
      >Tells the dogo to be quiet and pops it in the head
      >"But I’ve never had to do that, mine’s a good girl"
      >Goes home and "comforts" his dog

      • That’s not realistically. watch footage of dog attacks and the majority of them are trying to break them apart. humans are pussies. that happens like 1 out of 30-40 times

          • >city "people"
            Yes, huskies are generally a peaceful breed that avoids fights with things the same size and larger and are bad at killing other dogs because they need to work in packs, while pitbulls have been selectively bred for the past 2 centuries to kill everything the same size and larger. Huskies are working dogs and companions, and pitbulls are living weapons without self preservation instincts. They do not unlock their jaws until they die.

            But city people are also generally docile and unprepared. The kind of person who believes that they may have to shoot shit avoids situations where they have to shoot shit. Most of them aren’t even allowed to own guns, so naturally anyone expecting and willing to engage in gunfire will avoid living in a city, and therefore never get the chance to shoot a pitbull. Citycucks then, get what they freaking deserve, but it’s sad that they also get to bring perfectly nice dogs into a meat grinder with them.

          • >oh yeah sure you say you’d shoot freddy robsalot if he attacked your girlfriend way out in kansas but how about this video of freddy beating the shit out of an lone lady in the middle of new york while her liberal boyfriend runs in circles and screams?
            >problem: freddy robsalot stays the fuck away from kansas

          • >Kinda embarrassing
            What’s embarrassing about the breeding program succeeding? Huskies that killed other huskies and attacked mushers were clubbed in the head for thousands of years. They’re are literally bred to be awful at dogfights.

            Based. need to get me a pittie

            Too bad I live in a town that’s 99.99999% white with one injun so I’ll never get a chance to shoot your pittie 🙁

              • Don’t walk your pittie off leash in valley center then.

                I think its sad that bulldog chuds have to fantasize about siccing their dogs on the more peaceful companions of limp dicked city dwelling liberals to feel big and strong. The dog did nothing to you and only make the world better, unlike theirs. Maybe they should sic the dogs on the citychud owners instead and save us from another blue presidency?

  5. The thing is that dogs only associate punishment with their actions if you punish them basically immediately when they do something undesirable. A shout or a light smack when a dog gets nippy might give it the right idea, but if you’re yelling at a dog because it pissed on the rug 5 hours ago while you were away it’s gonna have no freaking idea what’s going on and just piss on the rug again later.

    • dogs don’t necessarily associate it with their actions either. if they’re smart they can make a three way association
      >i am being hurt because i did x in sight of/range of/leash connection to y
      and dogs that aren’t smart can still just ignore their own behavior and associate the punishment with you
      >that is a dangerous/scary human

      you should really know your dogs temperament (sweet and gentle or aggressive and dominant?) before using punishment and you should only use it when the dogs actions are severe and it’s worth the risks you’re taking with their future behavior (ie: lunging at a car). recommending punishment to random chudbrains is not done by any real dog trainers unless they clearly specialize in and focus on dogs that are typically stupid, aggressive, and dominant as a breed trait. i would not use punishment on a sweet and cuddly malamute girl but if you had an intact male that growled at you for being on the same couch, yeah push that chud off and call him a chud to his face.

  6. >hunting dog would chase after rabbit instead of bird
    >grandfather would wait until it got far away and shotgun it in the ass
    >dog would never chase rabbits after that
    >accidentally didn’t let another dog get far enough away
    >grandmother had to pull the BBs out with tweezers

    • generally really stupid and legitimately dangerous ones. best to give them the ultimate smackdown and put them underground before they pollute the gene pool. for reference people can raise well behaved huskies without more than raising their voice. If that doesnt say something about a dog that needs rougher treatment i dont know what does.

      • You need both.
        You use treats to teach them tricks but you use punishment to keep them off the soda.
        Still don’t have to beat them, though. A dog understands what "no" means when you say it right.

        • Highly trainable and highly independent dogs are both highly sensitive. You shouldnt go past harsh words and mild leash pressure or they could easily decide you are the bad one or develop a distrust of people in general. A border collie is an easy dog to ruin. Harsher punishments are more popular with owners of dumber and more aggressive breeds that mirror their owners.

        • >A dog understands what "no" means when you say it right

          Yeah you can get the voice into them quite early if you’re raising a pup. Little things like making it stand still by your leg 5 minute at a time, and make the growly voice when you have to correct it, and a happy praising voice when it’s doing it. Or keep it around the other side of some quiet sheep balancing with you, threaten it away with a voice and the end of a stick when it comes too far around, your arms aren’t long enough and it knows it doesn’t want to get poked by the stick. You don’t need to beat it up. But dogs are born knowing fuck all. They need to be taught even what no means, well not really, you might as well say ARGH it’s not like they speak English

        • like 90% of the time people say stop or no when they’re out of their leash they keep on doing what they’re doing. they have the mindset of a 4 year old. don’t humanize them

      • Dogs in a familial kind of environment will definitely bite and growl at each other to set boundaries. Pretty much usually, they just do it once. Old dog bites the the young one who is harassing it and from then on all he has to do is bare his teeth and it will back off. You can make a dog recognize a "growly voice"

        >you don’t teach a collie to do elaborate tricks by beating him

        You don’t stop him tearing off down the gully after a sheep and having a good 5 minutes to chew on it before you can get there by throwing him a treat either

  7. Was anyone claiming anything else?
    Most dogs I meet when I’m out walking mine could use some damn discipline.
    I’m also convinced that this is the root cause of pits "suddenly snapping". chudbrain owners think you can just love the instincts out of the dog, so it naturally assumes it owns the house and can do whatever it freaking pleases.
    When I need to discipline a dog I mostly use my voice but do sometimes give it a slap on the ass. The slap isn’t any harder than the clapping I do on her when she’s been good, but the context lets her understand that it’s not petting this time.
    I hate bad dog owners so freaking much.

    • Many dog owners demand absolute submission and control, but this should not be necessary because dogs should not have a natural tendency towards biting people. for most dog owners, its a matter of feeling and appearing powerful. they feel embarrassed when a dog “cucks” them in public by not unquestioningly obeying simply because its owner wants to be seen as superior.

  8. my friends dumb ass small dog would always try to attack me whenever we made contact so in retaliation for the last time he bit me i just shoved it and he never confronted me again.

    • Same shit when I was a kid.
      >be 12
      >aunts dog would always nip my heels
      >aunt comes late with le spray bottle
      >does it again
      >finally one day in backyard I know he is coming to do it again
      >pretend I don’t see
      >slam foot backward
      >kick the little shit straight in the face
      >run him off
      >never fucks with me ever again, told my aunt he ran up while I was kicking a ball
      >could just stomp loudly at him and he’d fuck off from that point on
      Before you get your panties in a bunch the dog was fine.

    • Um Sweety that’s very cruel and unnecessary in current year just give the dig attention and treats when the dig is not attacking you

  9. Yeah but theres a line between “ Fuck no!” and hitting your dog

    Fuck no = dog understands you were unhappy
    Hitting = dog understands that human hands moving towards them are a threat


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