25 dogs who are definitely on Santa's naughty list

Santa is making his list, checking it twice, and putting all these pups on the naughty list. Dogs have been known to get into trouble from time to time but it seems that around Christmas they go balls to the wall with excitement. Their naughty ways often lead you to saying goodbye to all your holiday throw pillows, saying goodbye to your Christmas tree, and saying goodbye to anything else that your Christmas loving heart desires.

There's really nothing like coming home and finding your beloved pet enveloped in tinsel with all the rest of the decorations from the mantle. When will these puppies learn that they can't always take what they want? Christmas is all about giving, not taking. Maybe Santa will make an example of them this season and they'll learn what the true meaning of Christmas really is.

This guy who just doesn't give AF

This pup who claims "it was the wind"

And this lady who decided to chew a whole right in your new winter jammies

These dogs who will never be asked to be in the family Christmas card again

This pup who somehow doesn't know how an ornament got caught on it's tooth

This puppy who doesn't respect the fireplace Christmas lights

These dogs who literally shit on Christmas

This doggie who made a meal of all the holiday cards

This dude who doesn't care he's in your tree

This doggy who couldn't resist ripping his bloody head off

This little pup who will bring your tree DOWN

These two who destroyed so much they fell asleep

This pup who doesn't respect Santa's elves

This guy who must be half Tasmanian Devil

This dog who was trying to poison Santa's cookies

This puppy who decided to take an early present from under the tree

This decoration ruiner

This devilish puppy who refuses for you to have nice things

This hungry bastard

This puppy who stole the last candy cane

This dog who wanted to "make it snow"

This little pup who broke into his present early

This dog who doesn't seem to care that lust is a sin

This troublemaker who keeps stealing grandma's stocking

And this doggy who had a heyday with the wrapping paper

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  1. 2 years ago
    We The People

    Shit bulls always #1 on the list. We need to do something about it. https://wauf.com/the-pit-bull-question-a-call-to-action/

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