My mother says that people who own wolves are bad people because they are wild animals who should be not kept in doors like domesticated dogs.

My mother says that people who own wolves are bad people because they are wild animals who should be not kept in doors like domesticated dogs. My question is: what separates a "wild animal" from a "domesticated animal" and why are wolves "wild" when I see allot of people with them as housepets?

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  1. 5 months ago

    >My mother says that people who own wolves
    Who, precisely?
    Wolfdogs are very rarely kept as pets by normies, its a breeder's thing. They aren't friendly or safe, AT ALL. Slap a dog on the ass as a way to assert dominance and he'll try to suck up to you 99.999% of the time. A wolfdog will default to frick you up. You can assert authority on them verbally and through feeding, but not physically.
    You can spot the difference easily. The higher content of wolf in a dog, the more it'll try to snap your fingers at the same time as whatever treat you offer them. Eating out of a man's hand is a reflex they haven't figured out yet.

  2. 5 months ago

    Domesticated animals have gimped androgen production which reduces their fight or flight response. Because this isn't the case for wild animals, they can snap into maul mode at any time, even if they've been 'like a family member' for years.

    There are of course some dog breeds that have had this bred back into them.

  3. 5 months ago

    People think that if they have a wolf, it will prove they have sort of shamanistic commune with nature like a beast master or something. It's pure delusion. You want a pet wolf? We have that, it's called a dog.

  4. 5 months ago

    Some humans aren't domesticated either and yet we insist on keeping them indoors. I wish my white trash neighbor was evicted.

  5. 5 months ago

    genetics, domestication is a genetic trait in animals, kinda like mental disorder. like one species of rabbit, they did tests with wild ones and domesticated ones of the same species and essentially the wild ones die because of anxiety while in captivity , domesticated dont have this problem and you can interbreed it with the wild ones to produce offspring that are less anxious than their wild parents

  6. 6 months ago

    >what separates a "wild animal" from a "domesticated animal"
    you need to be 18 etc yada yada

  7. 6 months ago


    that's cool. but did you know that orders of magnitude more men like doing certain unsavory things with dogs?
    >inb4 that seething zoophile starts crying about muh arrests aren't accurate

    • 6 months ago

      >university does a study on zoophiles
      >there are 2-3 women for every 5 men
      >in less formal studies and in foreign countries it approaches one to one, lining up with how women are typically afraid to report sex shit (the morons delay rape reports for literal decades, if they are not lying)
      >the zoophiles get convicted
      >the numbers no longer line up
      >9 men for every 1 woman, or even more tilted
      >wonder why
      >think for 5 seconds
      >man commits bestiality = cum in holes, widened orifices
      >woman commits bestiality = 0 evidence in the animal, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary, no one is testing the c**t's c**t for dog DNA
      Oh, that's why
      >womens crimes are seen as less severe

      Zoophilia isn't okay. Neither is feminist spin trying to spread misandry.

      • 6 months ago

        women are never held responsible for anything

  8. 6 months ago

    A lot of the people (Almost all of the ones I've known actually) do not have what it takes to keep a wolf.

    There are incredibly determined folk who do, in fact, possess the faculties and fortitude to successfully maintain a high content dog.

    They are a very small minority.

    The very large majority of those who are egomaniacal enough to not only wish, but pursue, and sometimes even acquire a wolf or a hybrid are most commonly unable to take care of even moderately needy breeds of dog.

    The ones I've known and met myself couldn't even take care of their own families. Or themselves.

    A wolf is incredibly different from a dog.

    They're genuinely as dangerous and unpridictable as everyone makes pitbulls out to be on this board.

    • 6 months ago

      I know a guy who regularly works a 12 hour 3rd shift job and lives in a town house who keeps talking about how he wants to get a wolf dog because "naaw bro, I can totally do it I'm determined".

      • 6 months ago

        The logic kind of hold up, actually.

        He's just forgetting that a Wolf isn't a job.

        Wolf Hours are 24-fricking-7 and would more or less require working from home.

        On a very large acreage of land.
        With a large enough enclosure on that acreage built well enough to contain an animal with more willpower and instinctual drive and energy than probably even raising a child could prepare you for.

        Because most people more or less know how to communicate with a child.

        But you can't apply a dog's logic, not a child's,

        Wolves operate on the set of logical instincts and motivations of something that has survived by sinking it's teeth into struggling prey and then thrashes it's head until the trachea is torn out.

        The average man is utterly unfamiliar with that.

        • 6 months ago

          Men have the same instincts but with hands and sharp rocks instead of teeth. It’s just a lot of work and our culture has primed us to believe that compromising with an animal is wrong and dogs are to submit or be made to.

          Dogs respond to this with increasing potential for aggression, sometimes
          Wolves respond to this with immediate aggression

  9. 6 months ago

    Wolf is a dog but more autistic, independent and way too smart. As a companion Is just dog but worse since it lacks all the traits we breed dogs for.

    • 6 months ago

      >a smarter companion is worse
      No, they’re better. As a friend. Worse. As a prisoner.

      God forbid you be held accountable for your life.

  10. 6 months ago

    >My question is: what separates a "wild animal" from a "domesticated animal" and why are wolves "wild" when I see allot of people with them as housepets?
    Are you aware of what a dog even is? That is the culmination of countless generations of selective breeding to create what is, ostensibly, a completely different species. Wolves raised in captivity are not "domestic" they are tamed, basically just a wild animal that is used to human presence, their biology, and mental enrichment requirements have not been synched to a human environment because that shit is hard coded in their genes.
    They are still fully capable of switching back to their wild instincts and can be very dangerous because of it.
    A golden retriever?
    Domesticated animal.
    A wolf?
    A wolf.

  11. 6 months ago

    >who should be not kept in doors
    You can keep a wolf on either side of a door, but never in a door.

    • 6 months ago

      Yeah you can, just trick it into a revolving door and jam it.

      • 6 months ago

        not funny

      • 6 months ago

        Giving a wolf jam isn't a trick

  12. 6 months ago

    people don't keep wolves as pets
    a high content wolfdog is 10x worse than a husky

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