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58 thoughts on “ITT: disposable animals”

  1. Budgies are absolute bros. Inshallah, everyone who abuses birds will burn in hell next to the murders and rapists

  2. Most working dogs, particularly sighthounds (Galgos, Podencos).
    >Every year at the end of the hunting season in Spain, it is estimated that 50,000 or more galgos and podencos are abandoned or disposed of by hanging, maiming, and tossing into wells to name a few of the disposal options. These dogs are considered tools and not pet worthy.
    >Because the Galgos are regarded under Spanish law as working dogs, they are excluded from the laws relating to pets and can be disposed of or used in whatever manner their owner decides.
    >In nearly every forest in the hunting areas you find abandoned and injured galgos wandering around.

  3. I had two of these my ex girlfriend dumped on me so I just let them out the kitchen window. They would never shut up. I don’t even feel bad about it.

      • They drove me mad with their annoying screeching. I had a girlfriend who was an animal hoarder and when we broke it off she moved out and left me with all the animals. I gave the ferrets to the ASPCA but they wouldn’t take the birds so instead of me beating them to death I let them out the window to fend for themselves. What would you have done?

        • Put up some ads to see if anyone would be interested in taking them off your hands instead of acting like a chud and throwing some defenseless animals that spent their entire lives getting all their needs catered to outside to either starve to death or become lunch for a stray cat.

        • Setting them free is basically the same as killing them. Guaranteed that they were eaten by a cat or a hawk within the week if they didn’t already starve or freeze to death. Budgies live in massive colonies in the wild and a single budgie is pretty much defenseless.
          Like the other anon said, you could’ve put up an ad for rehoming them. I see ads like these all the time for budgies.

        • When my mom had to get rid of her birds dad found a new home in a couple days, and he didn’t even place ads anywhere online or otherwise.
          Hell, even her first set of lovebirds we’re free because the previous owner could no longer keep them.

  4. Nothing disposable about a Peepasaurus.

    Mine sits on top of the monitor and freaks out if you go into a tunnel in Assetto Corsa. She likes rally games though.

  5. There’s one e-girl pettuber who annoys the everloving shit out of me because she’s one of those people who has a bunch of birds in her parents’ house and because she is a bird owner she doesn’t hear them anymore. All her videos are just of her talking about fish care or some shit with her birds constantly screeching over her which makes them absolutely freaking unbearable to watch. I have yet to meet a bird owner in real life or online whose house is not like the 7th layer of Hell full of screaming banshees that never quiet.

  6. Cats, sadly. They are great pets if you put the money and effort into taking care of them properly (covered, self cleaning litterbox with a vent fan and special mats surrounding it to prevent litter tracking, cat trees for entertainment, actually playing with your cat, etc) but people think it’s perfectly fine to chuck them outside instead and then expect everyone else to consider the kitty
    >the state of catchuds:
    >your dog should be socialized with cats. no,SUBSERVIENT to cats. the cat is a superior animal and if your dog chases and attacks them for traveling through your lawn they need to be put down. a person will be next if your dog has no respect for the natural order. cats are smarter, cleaner, and better.
    >dog: *is the friendliest borzoi on earth*
    >you should slow down and swerve for cats. actually lets install speedbumps to reduce the number of cats ran over by cars.
    >fix your radiator leak NOW
    >i want everyone in the neighborhood to stop using rat poison. the secondary poisoning could hurt cats, which get rid of rats anyways
    >rat: *eats out of the cats food bowl alongside the cat*
    >stop growing plants that are dangerous to cats
    >no YOUR cat needs to be inside, he attacked mine for traveling through your yard
    >shit in your flowers? big deal! whats your problem? he’s killing all the rats for you!
    >rats: *still here, actually friends with the cats*
    >you know what, I think we need a feral colony. My cat just had kittens again.

    And dogs if you go somewhere poor enough
    >belong outdoo
    >-rs. It’s only natural. Socialize? Train? I hit them when they
    >growl at me or disobey me. Otherwise they protect my
    >property. Got that, sissy city slicker?

    • > Yappy dogs
      I unironically invested in a pair of those ear muff things airport staff wear on the runways due to a loud dog. 4 neighbours moved over it. Their 5th went the old "cyanide sausage" route and rover went tits up in the night.

    • That’s still better than the irresponsible dog owners with work dogs like huskies or aussies that don’t give them anywhere near an adequate amount of exercise.

      Taking a dog that is meant to be working all day and giving it like a <1 mile walk a day is really animal cruelty. It’s just terrible when even as their energy needs go grossly unmet they will still be the most friendly and loving animals ever while spending most of their existence bored and understimulated desparate for their owners to do something.

      Outdoor cats can be frustrating, but the animals themselves aren’t experiencing that much mental duress like with all these work dogs that people just get without a second thought as to how they feel being so understimulated.

      • Anon huskies do literally nothing for 9 out of 12 months. They’re lazy cuddlebug dogs that need short bursts of exercise and constant companionship. The latter is where people fail because lmfao wagies

        Herding dogs are very much the same. They often herd once a week or less. What they need is someone there to keep them company.

      • >That’s still better than the irresponsible dog owners with work dogs like huskies or aussies
        So almost nobody

      • >working dogs at work: *sleeps 360 days, then works 5 days straight without sleeping*
        Anon if you ever got a dog they would be crippled before they were 10.

    • Based. Fuck cat owners who let their cats outside. Unless you live on a farm in bumfuck nowhere and need the cat to keep your barn free of mice, keep it the fuck inside.

  7. my grandma has a “pair” of these birds but often one or the other flys away or dies so she’s replaced them so many times it’s hard to count


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