How to introduce your newborn to the puppy

Nothing is more rewarding in life than bringing home a new baby. Your little one will undoubtedly be a welcome addition to your growing family.

Unfortunately, there might be one little baby that won’t be as excited by this arrival. I’m not writing about your other children, but your puppy.

Many new parents are so concerned with the emotional and physical needs of their little darling that they neglect those of their furry child. If you are concerned your puppy might be feeling jealous, it is important to confront these issues, instead of assuming they will simply go away.

Puppies, like babies, thrive on routine. If you had a certain time of day you would feed or play with your dog, try not to deviate from this schedule. It will be difficult because a new little angel can throw a household into a state of total disarray, but you have to try.

It is also crucial to give your puppy a little more attention during those first few days home from the hospital. Your furry baby will feel the love and comfort he or she will need to grow into a confident, healthy dog.

Many films portray the relationship of a baby and a puppy in a heroic light. Young dogs are seen taking on a protective role on the big screen. In real life, nothing could be further from the truth. Never leave the two alone together.

Your puppy might see the infant as a play thing, and the results could be disastrous. I’m not telling you to keep the two completely separate. Socializing puppies with children is crucial to a young dog’s development. Introduce the future play mates slowly, and under adequate supervision.

Do yourself a favor and baby proof the house, for your puppy. Keep your shoes off the floor, and never leave your juice cup on the coffee table. Puppies, like small children, will want to demolish anything that isn’t nailed down. If your dog does happen to destroy your remote control, never raise your voice. Instead, tell the puppy “no” in a firm voice, and give him an alternative.

Litter your home with chew toys. Your little doggy will thank you for all the distractions and your wallet will thank you when it stays a little fuller.

Remember that your puppy didn’t ask to be purchased or adopted. Never physically abuse your furry baby. If you are beginning to feel overwhelmed by the experience of having too many little ones to care for, talk to your spouse or a trusted friend. There are solutions out there, such as doggy daycare or obedience classes. If neither of these is a feasible option, than it may be time to consider finding a new home for your puppy. It will be a difficult choice, but you owe it to him to find a family that has the time and resources to give him the best life possible.

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