How hard would it be for an 1 inch cockroach to massacre 1 inch people?

I have this very W.I.P story about an non-governmental organization that wants to send out people to make peaceful first contact(not technically first contact but they do not know that) with sapient wienerroaches, German wienerroaches to be exact.

Anyway, they need to shrink them down to around 1 inch(1/72 of their normal size) in order for them to properly interact and be respectful.

To make a long story short, they, spoilers, turn out not to be so friendly, and end up slaughtering like 21 of the 28 people they sent out, heck, one literally slapped the head off the dude that went for a handshake.

It makes for a cool/creepy scene, but I was wondering if the massacre would mostly likely turn out that way 'realistically', and if I should maybe leave or even have more survivors.

Here is some context:

>The humans and whatever else is shrunk down retain their equivalent stats(strength, speed, durability) when shrunk. Square-Cube Law does not negatively or positively affect them

>They are 50/50 adult men and women

>The humans have no weapons. The roaches do, but in this case this one is unarmed

>They have shrunken vehicles(a car, cargo van, and a motorcycle) and are relatively near them

>Most of the roaches are pretty much physically the same as a German wienerroach except they are a bit taller maybe, around an inch and they have 'hands' now. They pretty much keep their stats from current living German wienerroaches(some can fly, but not this one)

>Mentally, the roaches are as smart as average human

Also, as stated in the first bit of context, the bad/good effects of Square-Cube Law is not in play, please do not bring it up.

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  1. 1 year ago

    The long hairs on the middle pair and especially the back pair of legs on roaches are fricking sharp and they basically karate-kick with them as a defense. Sorta like hitting something with picrelated. They also have a natural advantage in speed, slipperiness, and chemical defenses.

  2. 1 year ago

    What would it be like to frick a roach? Would it even be possible?

  3. 1 year ago

    Mantises are phylogenetical cousins with roaches and would probably work better for your story. Also I’d recommend the novel “His Name was Death” by Rafael Bernal, it’s about a man who learns the language of mosquitos and gets inducted into their rigidly hierarchical society (not quite the same thing, but a river flowing along the same current).

  4. 1 year ago

    >retain their equivalent stats(strength, speed, durability)

    The roach 100%, bugs can carry/life their size times 10 or even more. A human, on average, could carry their own weight

  5. 1 year ago

    Think about if ONE regular human found out, the wienerroaches would be all dead with some simple pesticides. This is stupid because there are no stakes!
    >28 people voluntarily go on this diplomatic mission
    >no comms or response back
    you see how this could be dumb?
    You could work around it obviously but thats a big one

    • 1 year ago
      Dream Island Obsessional Park

      Good point, and also hang on, it gets weirder:

      >Part 1 of 2

      So basically that group was not the first to go to mini Obunga territory. About 6-6 1/2 years before the present time in the story( let us say mid 2016 for ease's sake), there was another group that shrunk themselves down to around an inch, but this time it only had a fourth of members the 2nd group had, so like 7 peeps.

      But the first group that shrunk and went there were not there 'officially', and in fact, people that worked with them(probably higher up in the organization) half jokingly forbid them from using the shrinker on their own since they knew they like this kinda of adventure and would probably get themselves hurt and/or killed.

      Welp, guess what, they did it anyway. They snuck into HQ and shrunk themselves. And explored around the pace. They had no clue that sapient and killer roaches infested this place, so in the middle of their little 'joyshrink', they got ambushed and killed by them, well except this one dude that I guess was lagging behind the others enough that he manage not to get exterminated like the others.

      He realized that he was too small to really get his coworkers to notice him or notice him and not just think he is a insect or something, as of course they were not expecting shrunken folks at the time. He also realized that these Johjs were a threat not only to him, but to the world at large, and needed to give them the squashing they needed.

      But you see, roaches and most other creepy crawlies can lift many times more of their bodyweight and can move faster compared to their size than human can ever hope too, so yeah, his plan seems like suicide by reverse extermination.

      But not so fast, this dude, by his own words, comes up with this batship crazy plan to turn himself into a mutant capable of slaying these roaches barehanded. How? By making a concoction that contained stuff like energy drinks, protein powder, aloe, a bit of roach DNA and more.

    • 1 year ago
      Dream Island Obsessional Park

      >Part 2 of 3

      He then saturates himself in this stuff by drinking it and cooking with it, bathing in it, injecting it, breathing it in, so on and so forth. He caps it off with some how getting microwaved. Guess what.............his plan..................................WORKED LIKE A CHARM. Apparently, (his insert number of year here, probably 1 or so) payed off and he is no a mutant with super strength, speed, durability, healing, and flight, plus a few other powers.

      With this, he starts slaying the roaches, but for whatever reason, he cannot seem to snuff them all out, and so has been at war with them for like years, and recruits the survivors of the second mission to help him after he meets them.

      Anyway......on to the question about normal sized humans and phones/radios. I honestly have not thought of the comms solution for whatever reason until you brought this up, so thanks.

      >Normal Sized humans

      I would say the answer to this is that the roaches are not stupid enough to attack the 'titans'...yet at least. I guess this organization is more about peace and what not, so they also have that on their side. Also, they have weapons and a vehicles, so maybe that helps(really should make them Raid flamethrower of doom material, but eh...). On to the comms.


      This...ok, this might take a bit of finagling, but I think I can get it to work:

      Basically the first group did not call for help as they got massacred before that could really bat an eye. The survivor's phone was dead from taking tons of mini pics and using it for a flashlight. He was too worried about surviving to get the phones of his comrades before the roaches took them and/or they went dead. And of course they probably did not think to bring chargers that would be WAY to small to actually work on normal sized sockets anyhow. Now for the 2nd group, this one is basically bullspit, but here goes; basically, kind of the same deal with the first group, they were getting took out the game...

    • 1 year ago
      Dream Island Obsessional Park

      >Part 3 of 3

      Sorry about that, did not think it was going to be THIS long, but oh well...

      >Comms Cont.

      ...left and right, folks were dropping like flies. This is a 2 part effect: no time to call for backup/help plus I bet they were in shook form this incident. I mean the leader of the group got his head LITERALLY SMACKED OFF after reaching his hand out to a roach he saw. So half of the lack of comms solved. Now for the rest of the group that made it. Well they probably were confused as they stayed in the van(they also shrunk a car, van, and motorcycle for them), so they had no clue what was going on, they probably just heard screams. Ok, well one dude that went out with the rest made it back to the van and drove off. I just gonna say that the 7 did not have phones or they did not work for plot reasons. They had no radios//walkie talkies. So there, solved.

  6. 1 year ago

    I don't think wienerroaches work so well for this scenario, maybe try a weirder insect like strepsipterans or thrips?

    • 1 year ago
      Dream Island Obsessional Park

      Why not? wienerroaches too basic?

      • 1 year ago

        They are kind of like cows and don't have much in the way of offensive abilities. I guess in this scenario they would just overpower people and bite their heads?

  7. 1 year ago

    Why are there so many people that can't read? He's said two times that physics are not in play

  8. 1 year ago

    do you think a 1-inch wienerroach could comfortably live under someone's foreskin?

  9. 1 year ago

    Sorry op ur a tard for pursueing any sort of reason in this scenario
    No, Ant-Man shrinking shit will never be logically sound no matter how hard you try.

  10. 1 year ago


  11. 1 year ago

    Are roaches even agressive? Don’t they just scuttle about and eat detritus? Do they even have “weapons” like fangs or pincers?

  12. 1 year ago

    >people get to the size of roaches and make contact
    So its really inverse Terraformars

  13. 1 year ago

    that guy is probably a lot of fun at parties

  14. 1 year ago

    Humans tiny heart can’t pump their blood and their lungs collapse. They die shortly after being shrunk. If you are ignoring basic stuff like this there is no way to make it realistic. Just make it an edgy version of those 80s weird fever dream films.

    • 1 year ago

      shut the frick up you giant buzzkill homosexual

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