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Interested in having your work featured on Wauf!? We welcome you to submit a guest post as long as the guest post relates to dogs and dog ownership and it maintains a decent quality standard. Guest posting is a mutually beneficial arrangement that builds your reputation as an expert and influencer in the pet dog industry. We also allow our guest contributors to link their sites, and the links will be do follow!

Guest post guidelines

  1. The guest article must be original. It will be checked in Copyscape.
  2. The guest article must be written in English and meet our standards for quality. No spinning or broken English.
  3. Please avoid writing about subjects that are too common or easy (“how to make your dog sit”) and focus instead on bringing the reader new angles or new data. What kind of problems are dog owners wondering about these days — and what do they want to read about for entertainment?
  4. Maximum of two do-follow links to your sites. These links must either be related to dogs and/or pets in some way or primarily non-commercial in nature. We also allow additional links to authority sites/pages, of course — sourcing claims and data is always good. Needless to say we exercise a lot of discretion when it comes to links — we don’t want to risk linking to something spammy or horrible.
  5. If you include a link or two to relevant authority sources (any studies you mention, etc) and/or our past Wauf! articles — that is greatly appreciated. ❤
  6. We like to give our guest authors a full custom author box. Please include a short bio/description and a picture that is somehow relevant to you (can be symbolic or just your company’s logo if you prefer).

Dog topics we love

  • Useful or interesting How To’s, Top 10’s, and tips on anything related to dogs.
  • Authoritative guides and backgrounds (only suggested if you are passionate about the topic!). Examples: 1) An in-depth look at bird hunting dogs in modern times. What breeds, how are they trained, what do they cost, what exactly happens at these hunts, etc. 2) Fascinating dog related historical legends and stories.
  • Dog health, dog treats, rewarding activities to do with your dog, etc.

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