>bird: awww, birdie! >rabbit: so cute! >squirrel: cutey, squirrelly! >mouse: ...

>bird: awww, birdie!
>rabbit: so cute!
>squirrel: cutey, squirrelly!
>mouse: ... I will fucking crush you, you motherfucker and leave your carcass for the roadrunners.

sad but true.

  1. 2 weeks ago

    You never had a mouse scurry around in your room I see. You are just another sheltered urbanite.
    Honestly scuttling mammals where they shouldn't be is fucking disgusting and startling.

  2. 2 weeks ago

    Mouse in a house
    Mice in a hice

  3. 2 weeks ago

    Jokes on you, I'd crush anything that isn't a native species into a red paste with zero hesitation.
    And have.
    Cats are particularly messy when smashed.

    • 2 weeks ago

      How do you crush sparrows? Throw a rock?

  4. 3 weeks ago

    >Waahhh why people hate mouse
    >When one of the most popular characters in the world is a mouse
    >Also is the symbol for one of the most powerful media corporation in the world

    For me I'm completely capable of having them as pets and eliminating them as pests. In fact if I had some mouse pets I would take all care to eliminate any other mouse around. I don't want them spreading diseases to my pets.

    • 2 weeks ago


  5. 3 weeks ago

    Roadrunners are fucking cool, and mice are fucking pests that eat your garden and spread disease.

  6. 3 weeks ago

    me be like
    >mouse: awww, mousie!

  7. 3 weeks ago

    Mice are very cute as long as they stay outdoors though.

  8. 3 weeks ago

    Birds, rabbits, and squirrels don't infest a house, chew up and pee and poo on all your things, and tear into your food.

    • 2 weeks ago

      No but they also eat your crops an cause you to starve. Or don't because we outsourced this problem and let other people grow our food and deal with them as pests.

  9. 3 weeks ago

    I acknowledge that some of the pest animals I kill are both cute and intelligent. I generally try to let nature do its thing and live peacefully with it but there has to be a limit.

    also once I gave my cat a dead frozen mouse from a mousetrap thinking he'd play with it a bit but no he fucking ate it, the whole thing.

  10. 3 weeks ago

    maybe if the little moronmice didn't find their way into my closet and shit in my clothes I wouldn't relish in seeing the last breaths of life leaving it's body as it sits in the glue trap. It gives me great joy knowing they're intelligent enough to suffer.

    • 3 weeks ago

      This is me with squirrels. Mice and chipmunks I will squish or something to put them out of misery if the trap doesn't kill them but squirrels... I'll tell you this they really don't like having their tails pulled. Only time they'll bite aggressively.

  11. 3 weeks ago
  12. 3 weeks ago

    I also find them cute. I like how they stand up and wring their little mouse hands like a tiny garden gnome. But they freak people out because they get into your house and race around. Then if you can't find them they potentially hide in the wall or some shit and chew on things. No good.
    One of our cats brought one in several months ago. Even if I braced myself for it, I still jumped like a moron every time I moved something and the mouse shot out of there like a bullet. Also the amount of air they can get on jumps and how they "parkour" around. It was a bitch trying to get it back outside.

  13. 3 weeks ago


    too what aim? if you kill it, you best eat it motherf'er.

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