This animal shelter's commercial is a low budget work of art

If there is one truth in this world it is that local ads are always poorly lit, awkward messes staring someone who likes like they are reading words for the first time.

FurKids Animal Rescue and Shelter in Georgia doubled down on this principle in an ad they are calling "Kitty Kommerical" and yet somehow it call came together in this wonderful low budget masterpiece.

This commercial- sorry. Kommercial- managed to pack in everything local ads have come to be known for and yet somehow make it both worse and better. Instead of waving arm tube man, it has a woman in a sweater pretending to be a waving arm tube man. Instead of a Sarah McLachlan song, it has a bad Sarah McLachlan cover. Instead of bad puns it has even worse puns. And all of it came together in this beautiful awkward mess.

According to FurKids, the man in video is not a comedian or a local celebrity. He is just the brother of one of their volunteers. She said that when she came up with this idea she immediately thought her brother should star in it because he is so naturally funny. Hard to argue with that.

This video has blown up over the past few days. It currently has over 2.5 million views and people can't stop singing its praises.

My little niece won't stop watching this haha. She so cute man. This is gold by the way.

I live in ireland but now I want to fly to America for one of these cat things

Congratulations you have won the internet today

Can we all just talk for a moment about how perfect this lady's lowest budget inflatable tube man impersonation is?

The song at the end is what brings this to a solid 10

Best commercial for adopting animals ever! XD

Of course, let's not forget the reason for this ad in the first place. Be sure to check out their adaption pages for dogs and cats, or you can donate here.

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