25 sketchy pups who absolutely cannot be trusted

If you walk into the bathroom and all the toilet paper is thrown across the bathroom floor, you probably have a good idea of who the mastermind behind the attack was... your "precious" puppy. Puppies may be cute but they are very suspect. Who knows what they're doing when you're not home...and even when you are home they're still up to no good. It might be their youthful nature that makes them so sketch, or it might just be their personality, but whatever it is they better check themselves... before they wreck themselves.

These puppies are very suspicious and their owners should be very concerned about their whereabouts at all times.

This pup who decided to go through your drawers.

This puppy who will never be trusted with the Christmas lights again.

These little guys who are almost definitely plotting something terrible.

This little darling who is ruining your night of sleep.

These pups who are trying to trick everyone into thinking they're fried chicken.

These suspicious babies who can't even be trusted to stay awake.

Like anywhere...

Just when you thought you could take a shower, they pull this on you:

And this puppy said he was going to make the bed.

This dude who keeps stealing your style.

These puppies who will eat you alive as soon as you're down.

And this pup who will eat your fingers one by one.

This guy who started construction on your backyard without asking.

This pup who can't be trusted with your cell phone.

These puppies who can't be trusted with anything.

This dude who decided to take up the WHOLE couch.

These pups who broke into the fridge. The don't even have thumbs!

This puppy whose rolls are full of secrets.

This pup who fell asleep in your coffee.

These puppies who can't keep it PG.

And these puppies who can't line up correctly!

This trio who stole your pants and will not give them back.

This puppy who stole the baby's pacifier.

This little one who has no respect.

And this dog who knows the pup is not to be trusted.

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